Autumn/Winter Shopping


Today I had a break from University and so I decided to spend the day with Bruno and his cousin!

I also took the chance to go through some stores and see what they had, not having too much money spend I decided that I would get these and won’t probably anything else until Christmas.

All the items are from New Yorker.


Firstly, I decided to get this knitted sweater. It was 10€ so I bought it because this kind of sweaters usually are way more expensive. It’s super soft and I think that this will last me for a very long time. (Also, do you like my photoshop skills? They’re mad, right?)


This is just a top I decided to get because if there’s one thing you always need in your closet is basic shirts and tops; They’re good even in the winter hence you can just put something over it and then you’ll be twice as warm and you if you have a sweater or a shirt that is kinda see-through or something like that you can wear this underneath as well. This one was 2,95€


This was one of the gifts I gave to my boyfriend for his birthday. He seemed to really like them and he was actually needing some shoes so I bought these for him. They were 4,95€.

As you can see these were all pretty cheap, mostly because they were in promotion. I tried to choose things that will last me a pretty long time so I don’t have to spend loads of money in the same thing. Although I’m reluctant about how long they will really last because I’m a disaster at washing my clothes.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little post.

Have a great rest of week,



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