This is not my University though…

Hey! I came here to let you know what I’ve been up too these past 2 weeks. Firstly, I found out I got into the University I had chosen, which was amazing! Although I had to come to Lisbon in a rush and I still haven’t found a place to live, I’m enjoying this so far.

I am now taking a degree on what translates to Languages, Literatures and Cultures, oficially. I was so anxious on the first week and, honestly, I still am a bit because I’m still so afraid of going alone and… I’m just still scared in general.

The photo above was taken on the second day I went to my “campus” and me and my friends decided to go grab lunch somewhere else, we got stopped at a signal and when I turned my head I saw this building and immediately fell in love with it.


Here you can see how miserable I was at 7 am not wanting to go spend 3+hours waiting in a line to get assigned in the different classes.

It was a stressfull and emotionally exhausting week, gladly I went to my hometown for the weekend.

But then sunday came and I had to come back…


On Monday I only have classes at 2 pm so, since I arrived on Sunday morning, we decided to spend the rest of the day hanging out with a friend of mine from highschool (who was in the city) and go bowling.

I had never played bowling before so I was a complete disaster but I did enjoy it and had loads of fun.

A new week begun and my classes started and I’m just trying to stay calm throughout the rest of the week, the good thing is: I only have tomorrow left! On thrusday we don’t have classes because the “seniors” are planning a party for us “freshmans” but I’m not really planning on going because I’m gonna take that time and go back to my hometown to see my family (again, yes!) I guess I’m just really homesick.

These past 2 weeks have been good, and certainly changed my life forever, however they were the most stressful weeks I’ve ever had. Everything’s so overwhelming and I’m still learning to cope with it, I’m still making friends and getting to know people little by little but I’m overall just so scared.

I’ll keep you updated on my new “adventure” and pray for me… I need it… xD


Here, enjoy this pic of me and my boyfriend being all cute ‘n stuff at the Bowling City :3

Wish me luck and I hope you’re having a great week,



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