My current favorite products and moving away.


Hey! Today I decided to share with you some of my favorite products. I know I probably should make these more often but I don’t buy new products every month so it wouldn’t make any sense.

I’m also going to make a little lookbook or just show you some of my new clothes that I bought when I was in Lisbon but I’m currently waiting for my boyfriend to come so he can photograph me :3 (Cuz that’s what boyfriends are for, right?)

Let’s start:

1. Cleansing tonic


I started to use this everynight ever since my skin became irritated because of my make up remover wipes. This product is very soft on the face and removes my make up easily. I really like it.

2. Face Mask


This mask is perfect. I usually use it when I’m on those long fights with acne and my face hurts like hell because of it. I don’t believe that it make acne better but it has an ice effect and it kinda numbs the pain out, also my skin is left really hydrated and smelling so nice! I usually wash my face with water before I put it on for 3 minutes and then I take it out with only water again. This face mask is from Yves Rocher and I think they do have different scents. (I’d tell you the scent of this one but I don’t know how it’s called in english 😦 )

3.Face Cream


This face cream is from Oriflame, which has been one of my favorite brands (along with Yves Rocher) for their high quality products and their ethic when it comes to testing. They don’t test on animals, so it’s cruelty free and that is a big plus.

When it comes to the cream itself I have to be honest until a few weeks back I wasn’t to excited with it. But seeing that it gave my skin so much softness I decided to add it to this post. It smells like Patchouli and Ylang Ylang and it’s so nice. (I actually laughed when I saw patchouli written because there’s an old portuguese song called patchouli that is incredibly funny, I remember being a child and my grandpa singing it to me so I’d laugh.)

4. Hand and body cream


Also by Oriflame. I struggle a lot with allergies dry skin when it comes to my body (especially my arms) and this is my go to, everytime. This is the product I’ve been using the longest without ever changing it. I take a shower and I put it all over my body, especially in the summer because, I have to be honest, in the winter I’m so lazy and it’s so cold sometimes I don’t use it. As the product says it smells like milk and honey and its’ consistency is like an yogurt.

5. Detangling Hairspray


I bought this in Lisbon. I was searching for a product to make my hair feel softer and hydrated (somehow the water there really dries my hair). I found this which turned out to be the thing I needed. It was so cheap I couldn’t believe. It detangles my hair and makes it soft, it almost feels like I use conditioner. The product smells like green tea, which is soooo nice.

So those were all the products I wanted to show.

As some may know, or going through the same stage as me, I finished highschool this year. I’m going to apply for university in a few days and, if I get accepted (which I think I will due to my grades), I’m going to move away from my family. That is exciting and also scary at the same time. I’m going to be living with a friend probably, and if all goes wrong I’m going to stay with my boyfriend and his family for a few months. Nevertheless I’m going to try my best to stay at the uni and take my course. I’m thinking of following languages and cultures, improving my english and, hopefully, learning Italian, which was always a language I enjoyed very much since I was a kid but started to enjoy it even more when I found a video of CutiePieMarzia speaking Italian. I honestly fell even more in love with the language.

I’ll keep you updated on this as I’ll surely make a blog post if I get in.

Good luck to all of you, Alice.


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