News and Looks

I was studying for my exams and I decided to take a break and write something here.

Ok, so I finished school a week ago, and yesterday was my Prom. Yes. My prom. Did I go? No. Why? My boyfriend who was my date wasn’t able to come because of school. I still thought of going with a friend of mine (since I had everything planned already) but my mom said no. She said we didn’t have enough money because I had gone to Lisbon some weeks before.

I completely understand. But I am quite sad I couldn’t go. So I came here to show you some of my outfits and share some news.

I’ve been counting the days until I can make my exams and go to Lisbon on vacation. Me and Bruno are planning to go out way more and experience new places. So you can expect some vlogs and posts about that. We are also planning on making a video together, since we both have youtube channels and the only videos we have are some vlogs where we don’t actually talk and I also have some makeup and game related stuff.

Actually, this year in August it will be ou 3rd anniversary. Can you imagine that? We’ve been together for three years, in a long distance relationship, growing strong everyday. Anyway, I just found out that he is going to offer me Marzia Bisognin’s (CutiePieMarzia) book:”Dream House”I have heard so good about this book, I have never been into horror stuff but since I started watching her videos (way in the beggining of her channel) I grew more more fond of horror related stuff. The main reason why I didn’t do it before was because of my depression and anxiety, if I watched a horror movie or heard creepy stories or see pictures, I’d get horrible nightmares and I wouldn’t be able to sleep for days. (This only happened with psychological horror though, not with physical) But as I got better I started to adventure in this world and now I am capable of watching horror movies (only accompanied of Bruno or friends though).

So now, if you’d like to see what I’ve been wearing lately, keep reading:

I’ve been trying to buy my clothes more ethically but sometimes, for me that is not always possible.

Look 1


I wore this sometime during the Christmas time. (As you can see the weather as been pretty crazy here since during winter it was sunny and during Spring it was rainy and stormy) The only thing that I’m wearing here that I can tell you where I got it from is my Converse All Star sneakers.








Look 2


I apologyze for the quality in this picture. This was my Valentine’s Day outfit, although I didn’t go out or anything because me and Bruno were not together to celebrate it (We only had a virtual romantic dinner via Skype). So here I’m wearing my long skirt that was actually offered by my aunt, I do know that she got it from Bershka although I saw one looking exactly the same in Stradivarius. I bought my shirt and my sandals in a local store.

(I only now noticed that I do look kinda chubby in this pic. Oh well… )






Look 3


In this look you can actually see I dyed my hair red and cutted it. Now the color has already faded away and turned into a darker brown (I had a really light brown color, almost blonde.) I usually wear this outfit a lot because I just love how classy it makes me look (In my opinion). I am wearing a turtleneck sweater I received from my cousins (It’s from Zara); my Bershka skirt; a pair of tights; my leather jacket and my Sword Art Online necklace (It was a gift from Bruno when we celebrated 1 year together).






Look 3

13226778_1227550540612167_5552867192081792884_nI can’t really say anything specific about this look because the shirt and pants I’m wearing I honestly have no idea where I got them.

My hair accessorie is from Primark though.

I wore this to a birthday dinner of one of my classmates and I honestly never felt so pretty or sexy.

So these were all the looks I thought you would like to see. I know some of them aren’t that nice, and the pictures don’t actually help, but I hope I still showed you something you liked.

Hope you have nice week, Alice.



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