Favorite MakeUp Products/May

Hey guys! I just had this new idea of sharing with you my favourite makeup products this month because I realized I haven’t quite talked about it (the way I wanted to).

Here we go:

First, I’ll start with the brand:“Essence”Β It’s a brand I’ve found here in the region I live and as far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong) they sell internationally. These items are really good quality and way cheaper than some of the other “big brands”.

  • Concealer


This is shade 01- soft beige

I highly recommend this if you ever find this brand. It blends nicely and it conceals perfectly! (Plus, it’s not expensive!) I use it not only around my eyes but on some spots in my face when I feel they need some coverage.

  • Lipstick











    This is shade 06- Barely there!This is a nude matte lipstick I bought recently. I’ve been wanting one for ages!! And I gotta say I’m quite impressed. It goes matte quickly and although it doesn’t look like you have a really pigmented lipstick on, it is noticeable that something’s different.

This is shade 14-Adorable Matt

Now, this one, this one is my holy grail! It is a some months old (I bought it a few months ago) but it doesn’t ever disappoint me! It is so pigmented! And it lasts really, really long!

It is, by far, one of the best lipstick I own.

Now I’ll show you products from “Yves Rocher”. These are AMAZING, they’re a bit more expensive than the products above but they are so good. You have no idea. They are also cruelty free.

  • Lip Crayon


This is a pink lip crayon. It goes on just like a lipstick but it’s shaped like a crayon!


It’s not very noticeable here how pigmented it is, but trust me when I say it is REALLY pigmented. A friend of mine even mistook it for a red lipstick (although in real life you can totally see it’s pink).

  • Liquid blush

Have you ever heard of this? I found this a few months back (I think I mentioned it on my previous post) but now you can see it here:


  • Eyeliner & Eye pencil


These have been on my favourites for about 2/3 years. The eyeliner is just out of this world, (it’s a liquid eyeline btw) and it has some glitter, it really feels good on the eye and it applies really smoothly.

The other is waterproof eye pencil and it’s just as good as the previous eyeliner. I have nothing else to add about them. They are amazing and super gorgeous.

Well, that was about everything. I know that this was a long post, but I really wanted to do this, so I hope you didn’t get bored reading through it.


I hope you have good week, Alice


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