Easter, Lisbon and Favorites

Hello! Long time no see, uh?

I’ve been quite busy with school and such, so I’ve been away from this a little bit.

However, today, I decided to bring you some of the stuff I’ve been doing lately.


Lets start with the basics:

I finished school on March the 18th  and I came to Lisbon to meet with Bruno on the 20th. It’s all being really great, I’ve been with my best friend who I didn’t see since the past summer, I got to hang out with other really great friends, I went in a quest to discover a member of family I haven’t seen for years and then discover he’s been out of the country.

It has been two crazy weeks.

And now, I’m here, writting this as my boyfriend is playing League of Legends, to show you some of the stuff I’ve bought recently:

First I bought a book:


Now this book, my god… I’m loving it.

A day after I arrived we decided to go to the mall and go shop for clothes and such. We went into almost every clothing store and I wasn’t pleased with anything in particular that I could buy, since I had few little money with me this time.

We decided to go to a store that sells informatic devices, games, books and so on… I was roaming through to the shelves searching for “We have always lived in the castle” and I couldn’t find it anywhere! I then saw this book “The girl on the train” and I remembered that my friend advised me this book, so I took it and was heading to the cashier  when I stumbled on this one, I read what it said in the back and in a matter of seconds I decided to buy this one. I bought it and started to reading it right away, needless to say, I’m loving it.

I won’t tell you the story but, if you like thriller/horror books, mixed with crimes and such, you should try this!

It is one of my favorites.

Second: Clothes

Some days passed by, and we went to meet our friends Mafalda and Simão, she’s my best  friend and he’s her boyfriend so it was like adate both for us and them. We had lunch on Burger King because they had these awesome discounts and after that I gave a try to clothes again, only because I didn’t want to leave without at least one item of clothing.

We went to Mango, Bershka, Pull&Bear, and H&M, and still I managed to find nothing that pleased me, or maybe I did but I didn’t have the money to buy it, because I spent half on the book and on food and sweets.

Anyway, after all this we decided to go to Primark where I was able to find some items that I really liked:

A t-shirt12899669_1191508094216412_1801183610_nWhich I loved for the “crochet” area and for its color (beige- not very noticeable in the picture)

 A top


It’s so gorgeous and I really wanted some with this color and this seemed perfect!

A leather jacket.


I didn’t buy this at Primark, my boyfriend bought it in Pull&Bear because he really wanted one and I discovered this one while searching for gifts to him.

Next: Makeup

I have a thing with makeup if you didn’t know. And this month my aunt offered me a liquid blush, I had never heard of such thing but when she gave it to me and I tried it on with the rest of my makeup I loved it! I was expecting it would ruin all of the previous applied makeup but it didn’t! And bonus fact: It smells reaaaaally good!

Other than that, the only thing I got new is acne. Now it’s spreading in my body as well and it has been hurting because I find myself scratching it while I’m sleeping. Can you imagine that? IT SUCKS.

                                     Hope you’re doing well, Alice





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