Here’s a start!

Hello! A new month just arrived and I decided to create this to share my “journey” to whoever cares enough to read it.

First I want to let you know who I am:

My name is Alice and I live in Portugal, I’m finishing highschool and since I don’t have anything else to do I decided to create this (as well as a Youtube channel) to share my achievements and “problems”… Think of this as my personal diary, the only difference being anyone can read it.

My tastes go from videogames and music to fashion, anime and I could go on talking about this but I’d rather show you slowly what I’m up to.

So, this month (February), here in Portugal, we celebrate Carnival, which is a day like any other except for the fact that we paint ourselves, put masks on and go out in the streets like that…The best part? We don’t have school for 3 days in a row! It’s like a mini vacation, I guess…

BUT moving on…

So, as I was saying we celebrate carnival and we mask ourselves. I’ve been playing a lot with makeup lately and for the past Halloween I decided to try and make a “Jack Skellington” mask using makeup and it went quite well, I’m really pleased with it:halloween3

And I know that this is kinda messy, but it was the first time I tried to do it and I was quite satisfied!

What’s the meaning of all of this?

Well, my boyfriend is coming to visit me in Carnival (next Tuesday) and I’m planning on trying to do Joker (with him being my experiment *muahaha* ) and I’m still deciding if I try to improve my Jack Skellington or go on courage mode and try to do Harley Quinn.

I will have to think about it. But if you have any idea to share and help me, let me know!

Thank’s for reading, wish you a great day, Alice


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